Guinness: World’s Largest Meatball Resides in Columbus

The Columbus Italian Club (CIC) is pleased to announce that the gigantic, 1,100-pound meatball created at the Columbus Italian Festival in October has been officially certified by Guinness World Records as the “World’s Largest Meatball.”

The final weight of the massive meatball came rolling in at a staggering 1,110.5 pounds. Several onsite official witnesses at the Columbus Italian Festival verified the meatball, which took almost three days to cook, on Oct. 8, 2011.

A 250-page “meatball report” – complete with eyewitness accounts, photos, data and news stories – was submitted to Guinness last week, and CIC members got word on Nov. 16 that the World’s Largest Meatball title was finally theirs.

“The real winners of our success will be the recipients of our scholarship fund,” said Chris Beardman, World’s Largest Meatball Attempt Chairman and CIC Past President.

The meatball attempt was conducted by the CIC for the benefit of their 501(c)3 Education Assistance Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to Columbus-area students. Approximately $10,000 was raised for the fund from the meatball event, according to the CIC.

A German group held the prior world record of 749.5 pounds. They set the record by ultimately cooking the meat in a flat-like vessel. The CIC used a rounded vessel, which was housed in a handcrafted oven made of stainless steel, and included faux bricks, stucco and a viewing window.

The CIC attained the World’s Largest Meatball record on Columbus Day Weekend - the holiday named after Christopher Columbus, for whom Ohio’s capital city is named. And to sweeten the pot even more, the starting weight of the raw meatball was 1,492 pounds.

The St. John’s Columbus Italian Festival was ecstatic with the overwhelming support and the excitement this has generated in the Columbus community along with record attendance for their annual event.

As with many World Records, as quickly as they are broken, so too are they broken again. But after breaking the previous record by more than 350 pounds, the CIC is confident their record will last a long time.

To anyone looking to dethrone the current meatball champs, Beardman stated, ”Good luck.”

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