North American Record Secured, Next Up: World Record

COLUMBUS (October 8th, 2010) -  The Columbus Italian Club (CIC) announced that today their attempt to break the world largest meatball fell short by only 94 pounds.

The final weight of the massive meatball came rolling in at a staggering 655.5 pounds.  The meatball, which took almost two days to cook, was verified by several onsite official witnesses.  “While we fell a little short, we didn’t fall short in raising essential donations for our scholarship fund, stated Chris Beardman, Record Attempt Chairman and CIC past President.  “We cannot thank our sponsors enough who have pledged their support to us and our deserving students. We are proud to, at least, give them the North American record for the largest meatball and, who knows, we may be back sooner than you think.”

The current North American record is 327 pounds held by Glen Oaks Community College in Michigan, and by all accounts the CIC shattered that record.  The world record is held by a German group who broke the record by ultimately cooking the meat in a flat-like vessel.  The CIC  attempt used a rounded vessel, which was housed in hand-crafted oven made of stainless steel, and included faux bricks and a viewing window.  The St. John’s Columbus Italian Festival is ecstatic with the overwhelming support and the excitement this has generated in the Columbus community.

Patrons who are clamoring around the North American record will be pleased to know that they will have their chance to be part of history.  Planned events such as Meatball Tattoos, Face Painting, and opportunity to get your photo with the enormous meatball will be available.  T-shirts commemorating the achievement will also be available.  All proceeds benefit the 501(c)(3) Education Assistance Scholarship Fund.

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The Columbus Italian Club (CIC) is a fraternal organization whose mission is to promote and preserve Italian culture and heritage in the Italian-American community. CIC works closely with the Columbus Italian Club Education Assistance Corp., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable entity that assists students in furthering their educational endeavors.